Your Car is worth something

Junk cars hold some value than you actually think of. LKCashforCars offers cash for junk cars in the entire San Diego County.
With us you don’t need to somg it or fix it up to get cash for it, just save your cash and stop dropping it into a money pit.

How to classify your car as a Junk Car?

There are a lot of criteria to classify your car as a Junk Car. If your car hasn’t been running for more than 1 year or if it has received some serious damage, that usually classifies your car as a Junk Car.
Can your Junk Car offer value apart from being a typical car?
Typically, yes. As an average Joe, you may not be aware of the value that your Junk car can offer. For e.g., if the engine of your Junk Car is in proper condition, it could be fitted onto another vehicle. Also, a good engine will fetch you more profit. A car has many components and each of them provides a valuable function.
The battery of your junk car will power up the other car, after repair. If not, then there are a variety of purposes that it can be made useful for.
Similarly, the metallic frame of the car comes in handy for another car. Among all the parts of the car, the battery, the aluminum trim, wheel trims, starter motor, car antenna, seats, metallic frame have a lot of worth than you actually think.

Why not sell your Junk Car Online?

All your looking to get is nothing but tire kickers. Chances are that you are likely to lose out on the worthy time. And more importantly, the buyer will need to inspect your Junk car before he can agree to the final quotation. Instead of wasting so much time, it would be best to directly approach us the Cash for junk cars buyers.

Why choose LK Cash for Cars?

We provide excellent offers to Junk car owners. We have free Junk car towing service. No matter where your car is located in San Diego, County.
We will handle the paperwork on the spot and hand you cash. No checks, no installment, no money order, No delayed payment or any sort of nonsense. Direct cash. Simple and straight forward cash for junk cars. LKCashforCars. We are located in San Diego, California and interested Junk Car owners can reach us at (619) 309-4185.
We buy all make and models no matter the condition. Whether your engine is blown up, the gears are not in the proper condition, or the body of the car has got severe dents; we are absolutely able to make the best offer for it.

The Process of selling your Car in San Diego, California with LK Cash for Cars.

Simply give us a call at (619) 309-4185. Answer a few questions about your car, after that if you agree on our offer will begin the formalities and relevant paperwork to buy your Junk Car. meet you at your location and pay you cash for your Junk Car.
we will  Usually, we pay cash for junk cars on the same day. We provide free towing in San Diego County. However, in some cases, the pickup date will be extended depending on tow availability.
For more information, do make sure to check out our faq page. We have a bit more information there. We hope to give you a fine offer for your Junk Car. Cheers!

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